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Jens Thorup

Jens Thorup born in Denmark in 1959. He has extensive experience in business and finance. More then 25 years experience is in candle business.

In 1999 he became managing director in Baltic Candles Ltd, following a number of years working for candle factory in Denmark.

From 2010 mr. Thorup is owner of Baltic Candles Ltd.


Zita Sāviča

E-mail: zitas@balticcandles.com

Languages:   LV, EN, RU


Raivis Stols
Chief sales manager

Tel: +371 63 70 70 31
E-mail: raiviss@balticcandles.com

Languages: LV, EN, RU


Elīna Skudra
Key account manager for Baltic states customers

Tel:    +371 63 72 43 73
Mob.: +371 26 54 24 73
E-mail: elinas@balticcandles.com

Languages:   LV, EN, RU

Inga R

Inga Riekstiņa

Personal manager

Tel.: +371 63 70 70 42
E-mail: ingar@balticcandles.com

Languages: LV, EN, RU


Iveta Ubaviča
Purchase manager

Tel: +371 63 70 71 65
E-mail: ivetau@balticcandles.com

Languages: LV, EN, RU