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Entrepreneur of the Year in Zemgale 2021 – Dobele region

Traditionally, at the end of the year, the Zemgale Planning Region, in cooperation with Zemgale municipalities, organizes an event to honor entrepreneurs and promote good practices in business. In the united Dobele region, three entrepreneurs in different nominations were nominated for the 2021 event “Entrepreneur of the Year in Zemgale 2021”

  - New Entrepreneur of the Year,
  - Small / Micro Entrepreneur of the Year,
  - Medium / Large Entrepreneur of the Year.

The owner of the title Medium / Large Entrepreneur of the Year can be found in Dobele, and it is SIA “Baltic Candles Ltd", whose success and development over the years is proud and joyful not only of Dobele municipality, but of every inhabitant of Latvia. This company produces colorful, patterned and heart-warming products. The popular brand in Dobele is especially reminiscent of this gray time of the year, bringing a flame of hope and peace in every house and in every heart!


In 2020 Baltic Candles Ltd has been assessed with a sustainability index in the bronze category!

The sustainability index is not a competition, so it does not have first and last place.

The winners of the BRONZE category are at the very beginning of the journey. They have taken important first steps in communicating their practices publicly on key environmental, societal, work environment and market issues, as they want to grow and develop over time. A bold decision that, as experience shows, pays off!



Ilgtspeejas index

TOP Employer 2020 - in ZEMGALE

In 4th place - Baltic Candles LTD!

More than 6,200 or 42% of all survey participants participated in the voting for employers in Zemgale region. In total, respondents voted for more than 130 Zemgale companies.

All the best employers in Zemgale region of the previous year have managed to maintain their positions. In the voting for the best workplace in Latvia in 2020 in Zemgale region, for the second year in a row, the 4th place is taken by the local candle manufacturer Baltic Candles Ltd.

We are proud!






TOP Employer 2019 - in ZEMGALE

Almost 42.4% of all respondents participated in the voting for employers in Zemgale region, which was a question of choice.

The title of the best workplace in category TOP employer in 2019 in Zemgale was won by JSC “Virši-A”, for which 20.8% of Zemgale survey respondents gave their vote. Baltic candles Ltd won the high 4th place

TOP 5 Employers, place and % of all respondents

1 Virši-A, AS


2 Dobeles dzirnavnieks, AS


3 Balticovo, AS


4 Baltic Candles Ltd, SIA








In 2019 Baltic Candles Ltd has been assessed with a sustainability index in the bronze category!

The Sustainability Index is a strategic management tool based on an internationally recognized methodology, helping Latvian companies to diagnose the sustainability of their operations and the level of corporate responsibility.

At the same time, it provides the public, governmental and non-governmental organizations with objective criteria to praise and support companies that help strengthen the Latvian economy in the long run.

The participants of the Sustainability Index show courage, openness and commitment to improve their performance, these companies are able not only to influence the development of their industry, but also to promote the sustainability of the country.





Due to the emergency situation in Latvia to limit the spread of COVID-19 virus, we would like to inform you:

  1. At present, the production operates as usual.
  2. Sales and Purchase administration functions are performed to the maximum extent remotely, i.e. by phone and email.
  3. Our top priority right now is the safety of our employees, partners and customers, as well as keeping the operation of the company as uninterrupted as possible.
  4. To minimize potential risks, we provide:
  • compliance with the Latvian Government's recommendations
  • compliance with World Health Organization recommendations
  • any precautionary measures which may be taken


However, given the constant changes in other countries and the restrictions on our raw material suppliers and transportation options, the situation may change.
Therefore- for the latest developments, please follow our website and contact us by phone or email.






1st March 2020

How to celebrate?

1st World Candle Day by posting pictures of how you use candles in your daily life on Instagram, twitter or Facebook and use #worldcandleday

Share your experience and tips on how to use candles throughout the year to create a enjoyable atmosphere inside the house and outdoors!

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Baltic Candles Ltd has started project nr: “ENERGY EFFICIENCY STEPS AT BALTIC CANDLES LTD”, goal of which is insulation of the roof of the production building in Dobele, Uzvaras Street 16, in order to reduce heat consumption.








Baltic Candles Ltd has implemented the project nr: “ENERGY EFFICIENCY STEPS AT BALTIC CANDLES LTD”