Baltic Candles uses verified, safe and natural raw materials as well as environmentally friendly technologies to ensure the expected result – high quality candles.
The company produces powder pressed candles, rustic candles, stearin candles, figure candles, garden candles and aromatic candles.

All our products are carefully checked in the laboratory and we have also received international quality certifications. Our candles are manufactured in accordance with quality standard RAL awarded by the European Quality Association. Our stearin candles have received EKO SWAN mark which is popular in Scandinavia and serves as a confirmation for the supreme quality in the category of environmentally friendly products. Stearin candles are particularly environmentally friendly because they are produced from stearin which is made of products obtained in the result of animal processing manufacturing. Baltic Candles also uses palm waxes and soya waxes for candle production. These raw materials are also popular for candle products as they are obtained from renewable natural raw materials.

Stearin obtained from palm waxes is RSPO certified. It means that stearin used by us comes from safe and controlled places in the world where palm-trees are obtained and processed and where palm-tree plantations are appropriately renewed and where there us a sustainable renewal process, and which ensure the traceability of palm oil deliveries.

We offer various ways of candle preparation, printing, writings, relief and drawings developing the design candles that are suitable for various needs. The range of our products includes both technologically produced candles and hand-made candles.