Stearin candles include a wide selection of products in a broad range of colours. They can serve as classic table candles, tea lights or as balls or cylinders.
Cylinder candles can be hand-made or powder-pressed using equipment.
Stearin candles can be produced from animal or plant based raw materials with or without additives.
Stearin is produced from renewable resources, so it does not emit additional CO2 into the environment.
Our stearin products are certified according to the prestigious Nordic Swan Ecolabel standard. Products containing palm stearin are produced only from RSPO certified raw materials.
Although one raw material – stearin, is used in producing candles, the appearance of the obtained candles is diverse.
For example, the surface of olive oil stearin candles is significant. It is always slightly matte, with a tendency to show a frost flower structure, particularly visible in coloured candles.